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Fast, Safe, and vacation-ready

Indoor tanning without the risk
  • For your protection, our booth is sanitized by a member of our staff after each use.
  • You are limited to your assigned time.  Please arrive and leave on time.
  • Only suntan lotions especially made for indoor tanning can be used.  Regular tanning lotions contain sun screens which will render your tanning session useless.
  • Tinted hair should be covered to protect your hair from fading.
  • Towels should be deposited into a hamper provided in the tanning room.
  • Makeup should be removed prior to tanning.

Protective eyewear MUST be worn.

Eyewear may be purchased in our salon.

Goggles are available for sale $5.98 + tax.
VIEW keepers (disposables).60 each + tax

Three steps for a health tan

MAXIMIZERS (ACCELERATORS) – Achieve up to 42% better tanning results while minimizing the elements that cause aging. Maximizers help you to develop a tan base.

INTENSIFIERS – Once you’ve reached your tanning plateau and don’t seem to get any darker, an intensifier will break through this plateau and  help you achieve a more intense tan. 

FINALIZERS (EXTENDERS) – These are used for maintaining your tan and replacing lost moisture into the skin.  They leave your skin soft and younger looking.

Got 12 Minutes?

Our stand-up Sun Capsule
VHR redefines the concept
of the “fast tan”.

The technological advances incorporated in the Sun Capsule VHR reflector sunlamps produce a very rapid tanning response using relatively low UVB.

You can have a dark, UVA enriched tan in less that half the time of a tanning bed without the reddening effects of a high UVB system.

No more white “pressure spots” on your shoulder blades and tailbone from lying on a tanning bed acrylic. No more white underarms or sides.  No more white areas under your buttocks.  You will experience the finest in wrap-around tanning.

Sessions Available:

By the minute (@ .75 per min) – 4 min. minimum

One month Unlimited $40.00

15 tans $50.00 No Expiry

Why indoor Tanning?

Recent studies have shown that with the breakdown of the ozone layer, it is becoming increasingly riskier to tan in the outdoor sun.

More and more people are opting for the safe, convenient and controlled method of indoor tanning. In just six to eight short visits, most anyone can be on their way to a safe golden sun tan without the harmful side effects of the outdoor sun.

Every year millions of people get golden brown tans in the comfort of their local indoor tanning facilities.  But some people worry that they’ll jeopardize their health by tanning just a few days a week.  There are so many stories circulating in the media about the reasons why tanning rays or ultra violet (UV) light waves should be avoided that no one seems to be paying attention to the truth about the issue.

The fact is that indoor tanning technology, when used in moderation is designed to reduce the risk of skin damage caused by UV over-exposure.  Indoor tanning provides a controlled UV dose based on your natural skin tone that helps you tan without burning.  This type of control is simply not possible by sunbathing outdoors where over-exposure or sunburn is much more likely.

Over-exposure – not merely exposure causes the long term skin damage most people worry about today.  A  reputable indoor tanning facility that promotes moderation works very hard to prevent UV over-exposure.

What is “moderate” Tanning?

Moderate tanning is achieved by following these guidelines and by listening to any additional recommen-dations made by tanning technicians and by tanning only several times a week.  These practices will prevent the damaging over-exposure to skin that is associated with UV induced health concerns.

indoor tanning control over your exposure

Indoor tanning allows you to control exactly what kind of ultraviolet light your skin receives, thereby reducing your risk of ever contracting a sunburn.

When tanning indoors a tanner enjoys:

– Control.  You always know exactly what kind of ultraviolet light you are getting and exactly how long you’ll be getting it.

– Convenience.  You never have to worry about inclement weather.  It’s always sunny and warm in your favourite tanning salon.

– Speed.  It doesn’t take all day at the beach to get an indoor tan.  Depending on your skin, a few quick sessions a week is all it takes to maintain a golden brown tan.

– Service.  Professional  indoor tanning salons monitor your progress and advise you on how to properly maintain your tan, reducing your risk of every contracting a dangerous sunburn.